One Powerful Woman

She’s known worldwide.  She is a real person in history.  Even after her death in the first century, she’s been seen all over the world – and with different faces.

Scientifically unexplained phenomenon are attributed to her. It can be hard to refute her successes. Century after century claim miracles affected by her power. December 2015’s National Geographic Magazine named her the world’s most powerful woman.

Who is woman of strength?  Her name is Mary of Nazareth.

 She was chosen as the Mother of Jesus Christ.  The Mother of the Savior of the world.

She always appears to the small and humble, often to little children. The messages are always the same: Pray, and turn back to God.   Simple messages from a mother who loves her children.

Her appearance as an Aztec princess in Mexico in 1531 resulted in her miraculous image being left on a cactus fiber tilma, the cloak of the poor Juan Diego.  This tilma hangs in the basilica in Mexico City where millions have been converted to God upon seeing her. It’s fiber should have long ago deteriorated and studies of the tilma baffle scientists.

At Lourdes, France she appeared to the meek Bernadette, and asked the people to pray and turn to God.  A spring rose up from the ground where they met, and this water has affected thousands of healing miracles.  Some are medical healings of the body and some are emotional and spiritual healing of interior peace and new perspective.

She predicted the 2 world wars at Fatima and also the genocide in Rwanda.  At the time of her last visit in Fatima, a secular newspaper reported the miracle of the sun spinning in the sky.

She has appeared to countless saints, who were commissioned to make her more known.  Many of the bodies of these saints remain incorrupt – more evidence of what must necessarily be called supernatural. Her messages continue today, as she fulfills her task of speaking to her children about God’s mercy and His desire to be one with them.

Some listen and are set free.  Others turn away unwilling to believe.  But still there are the proven facts that even science cannot explain.

What is the source of this woman’s power? 

Contrary to the world’s definition, Mary’s is not derived from self.   Contrary to our nature which demands human praise, Mary’s ultimate power comes from complete openness to God’s love within her.

And because of this, Mary is not only the most powerful woman who ever lived, but also the most free.  Her freedom is completed directed by the love of God that fills her.

Because of her great freedom, which opens her up completely to God’s life and love, she is able to agree to be the very link between divine life and human life.

God in the flesh, comes to dwell within her.

Because of her receptivity she is able to contain Infinity. Because of her humility, she becomes the most powerful.

What of broken humanity?  What of women wounded?  Either by others who have wrongly dominated them, or by their own inward tendency to self?  Is it even possible to look to Mary as our model?

If she is in fact the link, and the surest way to the power, the answer could be to turn to her.  Could we ask her how we might heal?

Could we turn to her to show us the way to true feminine power?

 Can we imitate her openness to God’s love so it can fill us?  Can we forgive those who have so greatly offended us?  Can suffering transform us into something great?

Only if we are convinced of the power of God.  Only if we are convinced Mary can lead us there.

May our souls take a glance at this woman of power, and give pause to the way she can lead us to our own.

Then we rest in the power of love.