The Daddy Daughter Dance



Sunday morning…..hanging out in PJ’s on the couch with my hubby….flipping through the Facebook newsfeed, and bam….

There it is. One of those visuals that takes the sharp point of a knife, and pierces open your heart….

And though I know this cannot be proven medically, I am pretty sure that heart piercings are directly connected to the tear ducts

somehow you just can’t hold back the flow….

Especially when you have no makeup on,

and you’re tucked safely under the arm of your best friend.

You let ‘em roll….right down your cheeks as you sit there in silent wonder.

It’s when no words suffice.

It’s when you know the deeper meaning.

It was a father dancing with his 11-year-old daughter at a spring pageant.

Daddy was dressed in a T- shirt, jeans, and a ball cap. But Kenzie was decked out in purple chiffon and dainty sandals. Though humble in attire, Daddy spun her and lifted her with all the grace of a ballroom dancer in his tuxedo.

You see, this Daddy knew his daughter’s dignity and worth. This Daddy saw his little girl as his dream, his strength, and the center of his world.

This Dad put no credence in what Kenzie could do for him.

He was all about how he could serve and love her. He was drawing her into the joy of the dance.

And what made this dance so remarkable? Kenzie was wheelchair bound. It began with him lightly caressing the handles of the wheelchair, and ever so gracefully spinning her and circling around her.

As the music was building and reaching its crescendo, he knelt down before her and brought her into his arms. And her arms? They flopped in their paralysis. Her head? It drooped upon his shoulder. Her long and twiggy legs? They swung around as he did and then sank to the floor as he dipped her with a flawless and dignified poise.

“Let those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary. “ Isaiah 40:31


This is the Father’s Dance with us. This is the love of our Daddy. What we can do for Him matters not.

We bring atrophied limbs, and utter dependence on our God

….receiving the lead of the Lord of the Dance.

It’s enough to reduce you to tears.

It’s enough to reduce you to all that you are….a precious child in the eyes of the Father.

Here’s to Kenzie and her Dad.  Here’s to you and me in the Dance with our Daddy.