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‘Theology of the Body’ conference held in the Diocese of Steubenville

By Joseph A. Schmidt

STEUBENVILLE — The Diocese of Steubenville hosted a conference entitled “Walking With Christ: Living Disciple- ship Through the Theology of the Body,” Oct. 27, at Holy Family Church, Steuben- ville. Organized by the Of ce of Marriage, Family and Respect Life, the event sought to bring more awareness to the teachings and insights of St. John Paul II, known as “Theology of the Body.” Originally de- livered as a series of catechetical lessons during the early years of his ponti cate, “Theology of the Body” offers a fresh way of understanding the dignity of man and woman as made in God’s image and likeness, and why our bodies are both an essential dimension of being human and a means to living according to God’s design.

The conference began with the celebra- tion of Mass by Msgr. Gerald E. Calovini, pastor of Holy Family Parish. Follow- ing Mass, conference participants were treated to presentations by celebrated speakers. Greg Popcak delivered the rst presenta- tion. Along with his wife, Lisa, Popcak is the author of more than 20 books and host of “More 2 Life,” a daily call-in show on EWTN radio. Greg Popcak’s presentation, “Theology of the Body: So What? Who Cares? And What’s In It For Me?” offered participants some of the fundamental insights from “Theology of the Body” that apply to ev- eryday lives. The fact that we have bodies, Popcak explained, shows us that we are rela- tional by nature, and that we can only be fulfilled (and be truly human) in relationship with others.

St. John Paul II emphasized repeatedly that we only find ourselves through a sincere gift of ourselves – in other words, we only find true and lasting happiness when we genuinely seek to love and serve other people (and especially God himself). In the church, we often engage in a vari- ety of ministries, Popcak explained. All of these activities are good, but “ministry is anything you do that communicates God’s love,” and based on this thinking one of the most fundamental “ministries” that we have in the church is family life. “Family life is a powerful and primary ministry of the laity,” he said

Also, speaking at the conference was Cindy Costello, who is a teacher, catechist and speaker. She is a graduate of the Theol- ogy of the Body Institute, Philadelphia, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in theology at Franciscan University of Steubenvile. She spoke on “The Holy Fam- ily: Inspiration for Discipleship in Modern Families,” reflecting on what each member of the Holy Family teaches us about how to live lives of holiness.

Each member of the Holy Family – Jesus, Mary and Joseph – gave of them- selves in service to God throughout their lives, not just in their minds and hearts, but also through their very bodies. “Jesus became a human body to show us how to love,” Costello said.

Father Thomas Loya, a Byzantine priest from Chicago, was also scheduled to speak at the conference on “The Theology of the Body and the Eucharist,” but was not able to be present due to a pastoral emergency.

Thirty people participated in the confer- ence. Their eagerness to learn was evident, as was their joy at being present for this event. That sentiment was captured by Julie Butcher, St. Clairsville, who said with a big smile, “I am so glad I came today!” Discussing her appreciation for the event, Suzanne Macdonald, Steubenville, complimented the broad range of focus for the conference. “So often people think that ‘Theology of the Body’ is just about dating and relationships, but it is so much richer than this. It touches every aspect of our lives,” she said.

Conference participants reviewed sev- eral of the Popcaks’ books which were on display. A wide variety of resources on marriage, parenting, prayer, stress management and more can be found un- der the “shop” tab on the website www. Countless people have found the Popcaks’ books to be life- changing, marriage saving and spiritually enriching, according to participants.

For additional information regarding the diocesan Of ce of Marriage, Family and Respect Life, contact Joseph A. Schmidt, director, by telephoning (740) 373-3643 or email .