Parish Talks


Oasis – Successful Ministry and the Interior Life: How a life of deep prayer fuels successful ministry
To Love Another Person (Inspirational Talk for those in Ministry): How to see the face of Christ in those we minister to, loving them right where they are, and challenging them always to deeper.
Catechist Training in Teaching the Theology of the Body: An overview of TOB for catechists interested in introducing the teaching into their Religious Education Program

The Face of the Church:  Models of Feminine Leadership- A talk for catechists, DRE’s or others in positions of leadership about being the “face of the church”, and how feminine leadership is defined by our Catholic Faith


Preach the Cross- An Intro to the Theology of the Body (Adult Talk, Young Adult Talk, Teen Talk): Overview of the main themes of TOB, adjusted for age appropriateness
The Church is Our Mother (excerpts from Love is Our Mission Catechesis): Understanding how the Catholic Church nurtures, teaches, and loves us as a mother.
The Complementarity of Creation: A talk about how God speaks to us in creation by helping us to see the beauty of unity in difference.
Marriage and the Mass – The Wedding at the Liturgy: How we can see the mass from the perspective of a wedding feast.



The Genius of Woman- The Theology of the Feminine Body: A talk combining the Theology of the Body (from a feminine perspective) and St John Paul II’s “On the Dignity and Vocation of Women.”
Another Word for Mercy – How Woman’s Body Speaks a Language: A talk about the particular way a woman’s body speaks to the world about mercy and openness.
Making Room for the Other- Advent Reflection for Women: A talk that draws from Caryll Houselander’s book, “The Reed of God”, and focuses on waiting and receptivity concerning the coming of the Christ Child.
Who’s that Woman at the Well? (A Reflection on the Samaritan Woman at the Well): A meditative talk on John 4: 1-42, with key emphasis on Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well.
Into the Beautiful –A Journey Into the Presence of God (Day Retreat for Women on Authentic Femininity): Containing 4 separate talks on God as beauty and the real definitions of beauty, with emphasis on Eucharistic Presence.

Brides of Christ – How Women Show the World How to be Holy A talk about bridal relationship with Christ.
Facilitator for ENDOW (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) -8 Week Study Group for Women (see ENDOW website for list of possible programs)


The Joy of Love (Talk for Married Couples based on Pope Francis’ document The Joy of Love): A talk with excerpts from the Holy Father’s words, especially to those in the vocation of marriage
The Family Tree- A Lenten Reflection: No family is perfect. How we can see our roundedness as a way to draw closer to Christ.
Why Didn’t I Get the Guidebook? (A Talk for Parenting through Faith): Tips for parents on how to integrate faith in consistent, yet simple ways as they raise their children.


Mary and the Theology of the Body– 1 Hr Presentation or Series of 3 Talks: How Mary can teach us Theology of the Body in her body being gift, spousal, and fruitful.

Entrusting Ourselves to Mary 1-2 Hr Presentation on what it means to give (consecrate) ourselves to Mary: A talk about what consecrating ourselves to Mary means, and formulas for doing so.


God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage (Ascension Press) Marriage Prep Day ( 6 Talks -Full Day) See Ascension Press’s website for details on the program.

Living a Joy-Filled Marriage Program (Ascension Press) Marriage Prep Day ( 6 Talks -Full Day) See Ascension Press’s website for details on the program.