“Cindy recently spoke at our Parish’s Advent by Candlelight dinner. Her message not only touched me beyond words, but also spoke to the hearts of 200+ women ranging in age from their teens to eighties. Cindy shared her deeply rooted faith blended with personal life experiences and her infectious humor.
I have had several attendees share with me how meaningful Cindy’s presentation was to them. One newly married woman said Cindy’s words touched her to the core, another woman with grown children shared it was one of the most inspiring presentations she has heard. We recently received a thank you card from another woman who wrote “in the busyness of life, the difficulties of the days, this evening felt like an oasis of blessings, truly, to this woman. It is the perfect way to look ahead to advent…and life”.
We can’t wait to have Cindy come speak with us again!”
Gayle Baber
Advent by Candlelight Chair
St.Paul the Apostle Parish
Bangor, Maine

“In the busyness of life, in the difficulties of days, this night felt like an oasis of blessings…it is the perfect way to look ahead to Advent…and life”

(Participant in Advent Evening by Candlelight, November 4, 2017, Bangor Maine)

From the Engaged:

Life Skills Marriage Preparation Day with my husband, Tom:

“We are not pushovers, both managers of teams in a Fortune 500 Company- So don’t think we are easy graders, but you are awesome and we are fortunate to have had you.”

“Speaking for myself I really admire the two of you as a couple.  Your love for God and your love for each other is something I hope to also have in my marriage.  thank you for spending the day with us and being a great example.”

“I came today thinking that this would be a normal class, like CCD…Your class opened up my eyes in a different way.  You got me thinking about love differently….how to have a fruitful and faithful marriage.  I would recommend this class to all my family and friends.”

“I thought the instructors were excellent. It was refreshing to see instructors that are a real couple who express their marriage through the love of God.  They provide a real and honest outlook of marriage covering finances to sexuality.  Overall, it was a very good experience.”


From Women:


“Cindy Costello — You are such a gift! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your wisdom, and your heart with us. What a beautiful night–a breath of fresh air, you might say ;)”

       Lindsay, Catholic Moms Prayer Group, St Vincent’s , Stirling, NJ

“This ENDOW class brought the women of our parishes together for some great discussions and a genuine growth in the understanding of the unique gifts God has blessed us with.  Cindy facilitated our discussions in a gentle way, yet pushed us to look deeper and understand God, ourselves, and each other better.  As a result of this class, I can truly say I not only developed a deeper relationship with God but also with the women of my parish.  I’m looking forward to building each other up as we continue on the journey to become the women God intended us to be!
Thank you again for all your hard work in preparing for the class each week to make it a special experience for us!!”
Amanda Sousa, ENDOW Participant

“We were blessed, inspired, and encouraged to have Cindy Costello, a Graduate of the Theology of the Body Institute’s Certification Program speak to the Women of St. Jude in Blairstown NJ. She opened our spiritual eyes to see that God created us and our sexuality to draw us intimately to Himself. We learned that Theology of the Body begins with our creation as women, takes form in our vocations and always points to our destiny – union with God forever in heaven. God creating us male and female is but a foretaste of our union with Him in heaven. Tears of joy and understanding flowed as our hearts and minds absorbed the life–changing knowledge that we, the church, are truly the bride of Christ. Cindy left us eager for more.”

        Mary Ho, Women’s LIFE, St Jude, Blairstown, NJ

From DRE’s:

“Tom (Cindy’s husband ) and Cindy’s talks on the Theology of the Body have been both informative and engaging.Their rapport with our teenagers is phenomenal. They are open and honest with them.They share from their own experiences which makes them relatable.We here at St. Jude’s are very blessed to have them.”
     Lil Callello, Coordinator of Religious Ed/Liturgy Coordinator, St Jude Parish Hopatcong, NJ

Cindy Costello gives wonderful, heartfelt presentations on Theology of the Body! I have witnessed Cindy give talks to adults, teens and both together and every time, she is able to speak at a level everyone can understand and embrace. Her vast knowledge of the subject and her own experiences as a wife and mother illuminate her Theology of the Body presentations with beautiful insights and practical applications.

In particular, Cindy has given Theology of the Body Family Faith presentations for 6th, 7th, 8th graders and their parents for the past several years as part of the Religious Educations programs at St. Vincent de Paul Parish. This was a unique and important session that served to teach as well as open up an important dialogue on Catholic morality between parents and their middle school child(ren). Parents enjoyed affirming the positive values and God given gifts they saw developing in their child(ren).

Deirdre Nemeth Director of 1st-8th Faith Formation, St. Vincent De Paul Parish Stirling, NJ



From parents…

“This was such a beautiful session and my son enjoyed it as well.”

“The affirmations we were able to give to our children were very nice. We don’t ever really take time out of the day to do that. The emphasis on self- worth was important and we had an interesting discussion about modesty.”

“My daughter went to the session a year ago and everything that was spoken about has encouraged her, even today, to think twice before she chooses what to wear which is great.“