Cindy has been a teacher, catechist and presenter for talks for the past twelve years. In 2014, she became the “first born” graduate of the Theology of the Body Institute’s Certification Program in Downingtown, PA. and is currently studying at Franciscan University for her Masters in Theology.  She helps with Women’s Ministry on the FUS campus as part of the BELOVED and Capture My Heart events for campus women. She has been invited to speak on several topics of Catholic faith, but most especially has brought the Theology of the Body and talks on Mary to many parishes throughout the country.

Bearing witness to the truth of our creation as unique and unrepeatable persons with a purpose to shine and give glory to God in our distinct vocations and “corners of the Kingdom”, she offers inspiration to the engaged, married, parish religious education and family faith programs, and as a guest speaker for retreats/parish programs. She is a published author of many articles, and a contributor to the Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion (Ave Maria Press). She blogs at cindyacostello.com, Gifts Into Flame Ministries. Cindy is married 32 years to her husband Tom and they have 5 gorgeous adult children.

May Jesus reign in hearts as we receive His invitation:  “Remain in my love” (John 15:9)

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