Perfectly Loved: Three Ways in One

Mirror Trinity


We bought this mirror at a local garage sale. I pass it every day in my home.  But one day recently, I stopped, and saw my reflection in a new way.

It is hard to love yourself when you look in the mirror.  What we see taps into our body issues and inability to love ourselves as a “work in progress”.  It takes effort to see all the scars, wounds, and imperfections, and still say,

“I am good.  I am loved.”

And this time my tri-reflected countenance required me to do it 3 times over!


But then I began to think of the many times I have heard that a human person is made in God’s image and is meant to reflect that image to the world.

Somehow we literally have a “stamp” of God in our bodies.

Who is this God we reflect?  He is a Trinity of Three Persons:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

How can I, as one person, reflect all three?  It has to do with what those three Persons do.  They live in eternal union and in perfect love relationship with each other.

And that is what I’m created to do.  Love in a way that brings oneness and new life.

Of course this mirror analogy will fall short as all analogies do that try to explain the mystery of God.  I will just attempt to say what I thought about as I saw myself in this reflection.

First, I saw the Father’s love for me in my reflected image.  I’ve got a Daddy who loves me as His own.  He wants me to belong to His family as a daughter.

Then, I saw the Christ Jesus the Son’s love for me in my.  He loves me unto death.  He teaches me how to love in my relationships- to sacrifice for the good of others, and to know that my own wounds united to His, are redeemed.  He offers His Sacred Heart to me as a refuge, and as a place to learn love.

And finally,  I saw the Spirit’s love for me in my reflected image.  He sets my heart on fire. As I let the Father and the Son dwell within me, they produce this love.  It is active, gives me gifts  like wisdom and courage and fruits like self-control and joy.  He wants to possess me fully in a ministry so God’s kingdom can come.

 In getting ready to post the picture of this mirror, I realized the reflection would be the front door of my home.  It’s window contains hearts, and it’s center is a cross.

Our imaging God the Trinity as a reflection of love just waits for us to be opened. To let people be free to live and move and have their being in God.

The way will be the cross, and the reward will be knowledge of the love in God’s own heart that is given to us for our joy,

and for the ministry of bringing others into that same heart of God.

When you peer into the heart of God’s love for you this Trinity Sunday I hope you feel as you should:  perfectly loved in three ways that are one.

And I’m ready with you to be open to breathe the fresh air of freedom from that grace, and to GET MOVING in His Spirit!

We’re children, saved and free,

who are filled with the gifts that we will need to reflect Perfect Love!

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