Dead But Suffering



This day is eerily silent.

 Nothing thwarted God’s plan to deliver us

from death, by death…

the death of His Beloved Son.

The crying out to His Father

in abandonment is over.  

The torture and agony done.

But is the suffering truly over yet for our dear Savior Jesus this day?

The definition of death is the separation of soul and body.

Christ’s body did become die and become lifeless.

Jesus “tasted death”. He was laid in the tomb.

But it is perhaps a little known truth that the grace of union of Jesus’ humanity

to the Divine Person of the Son in the Trinity

(a mystery called the hypostatic union),

was never separated or ever will be separated.

What does this mean for Jesus in the tomb?

It means that God in His humanity experienced death in a particularly intense way – because He truly experienced what it was like to be a soul separated from the body and what it was like to be a body without life.

When we die, our conscience will go with our soul.  We will not have a bodily awareness anymore.

When Christ died, He was still one with His Divine Conscience.  


What a horrible privation He suffered!  

Because He was God, we can count this among the many sufferings He endured, that were more intense that any human could ever suffer.

May we console the suffering Jesus in the silent tomb today…with our prayers of praise, thanksgiving, and contrition for our sins—

as we await His victory tomorrow…

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