Carving the Wooden Beam- A Reflection on Today’s Readings

“I am grateful to Him who strengthens me.”

“He has found me trustworthy” (Tim 1:12)

“With HIm at my right hand , I shall not be disturbed.”

“You will show me….the delights at Your right hand forever.” (Psalm 16)

“Every disciple will be like His teacher.”

“Remove the wooden beam from your own eye….” (Luke 6: 39,42)

During the time I am here on earth, I am a disciple of the great Master Teacher.

He is at my right hand , teaching me.  I am not disturbed in the time of learning and listening.

I have a wooden beam He is showing me about.

Always there, it keeps me humble – makes me know I am always the disciple, student.  I have mastered nothing.  The more I learn the more I know I don’t know.

Wooden beam….the Master Teacher is the carpenter who specializes in wood!

He can show me how to remove it, and then,

I am to sit down with Him in His art studio called life and carve it into something beautiful.

He is at my right hand-  He touches my right hand to guide the artwork.

It is curiously my own.

He does not control my hand. No, ” I am grateful to Him who strengthens me….  He has found me trustworthy.”

He believes in me as the artist.  He knows I can take this large and grossly shaped wooden beam

and create something beautiful.

Forgiveness and Mercy are the tools He lends me.  They are His and come from His right hand.   But He is generous, oh so generous, with His belongings.  In fact they are only for gift -not be be kept in His tool belt, but given away.

We work together, his grace is abundant, His work and direction affirming.  His counsel wise, His love so complete.

We create something beautiful.

It takes a  lifetime…but I, disciple,am now like the Master Teacher.

 The work of art looks, at one and the same time, like us both.

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