Where Is Your Upper Room?

Mary and the disciples huddle together in prayer.  They have sought shelter in an Upper Room.

It seemed a good place for hiding.  It granted them some distance from the crowded streets below.

Streets crowded with confusion, with people uttering death threats, with accusations that they are “one of them”

…those who followed the Crucified Jesus.

How did they get to this place?

“Come now, my children, let us climb up to this place.  It is a place to wait, for we know He will never abandon us.”

Her words comfort like any Mother’s words would.  Like little children they follow her.  As she swiftly mounts the stairs she seems to know they need to be lifted up.  No lower rooms will do.  She must help them to rise above their fears.

Where is your Upper Room?

The fear talk begins.  The discussion about the future and what will become of them.  The grieving about the last few days, and that He has left their presence here on earth.

Forgetting the promises He has made them, they speak out all at once, from hearts controlled by anxiety.

It is just as the the evil one would want it.  His thoughts have taken over in their minds.  Discourage them, and drive them to despair!

The same old lie from the Garden (for he is not creative on his own):  “Do not trust Him! He is not your loving Father!”

And then, after seeds of distrust are planted in their hearts he prods further, “Fools!  Look what He has done…..this Man who said He would save you has left you, and the people are gathering near to put you to death too!”

What thoughts has the deceiver spoken to you…. there in your Upper Room?

Mary allows their hearts to express all their fears. How vital that she listen to them first!

She knows the importance of the waiting, and the space.

All things have their “fullness of time”.

And just as it happened in Bethlehem years ago, she rises and gives birth to the Word.

She stands to be heard by her sons.  As she speaks, lower things, resembling serpent heads are crushed one by one under her feet. She raises their minds to the truths He has promised, and blesses them each with her eyes.  For she looks on each one with a unique and special glance, that calms and strengthens feeble hearts.

Supernatural that grace that she has received and that continuously flows from her heart!

Can you find Mary there, in your Upper Room?  She’s looking for you with her eyes.

Encouraged by her, their hearts seem to steady, and ready the way for the Power.  Not knowing exactly how all will be done, matters not.

 This Upper Room has changed.

A hunger for Spirit has been placed within them, along with a trust they’ll be fed.

Nine days come to close, and she’s prepared them in prayer for His coming.

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